September 12, 2017

A little about me


Welcome to MySkincareApp. My name is Baha and I am the founder of this little app.

I am a passionate hacker and engineer. For a long time I have been lurker on reddit's r/SkincareAddiction and r/AsianBeauty. After years of suffering from acne these forums not only changed my perspective on skincare but also helped me to get my acne under control.

So... why I started MySkincareApp?

To make money, obviously!

Make Money

Well, not entirely true. While making money would be nice, my bigger goal is to help fellow skincare addicts solve their skin problems. I still had acne in my early twenties (sometimes severe) and tracking my diet helped me a lot. For me it turned out that beer, bread and pasta would break me out consistently. So, I cut out bread and pasta:) I still occasionally have small breakouts after beer nights.

But how many times I wished there was an app like MySkincareApp. It would have helped me to track down those foods much easier and faster. Tracking in Excel was not fun.

Ok ok, so what is MySkincareApp?

MySkincareApp is a little tool to help you track products you reacted badly to. If you are not a fan of keeping Excel spreadsheets like me and cross checking all the ingredients, MySkincareApp makes it really easy.

How do I want to contact you

You can contact me at my email