Skin-Replenishing, Moisturizer, Antistatic


Amino acid sugar and primary constituent of mucopolysaccharides and hyaluronic acid. Acetyl glucosamine is a skin-replenishing ingredient that can have considerable value in cosmetic products aimed at diminishing signs of aging.

In terms of this ingredient prompting exfoliation, the research that exists was performed by Proctor & Gamble and by Estee Lauder, and both companies sell skincare products that contain acetyl glucosamine.ξ

Acetyl glucosamine also has research demonstrating that it can have skin-brightening benefits, particularly when combined with the B vitamin, niacinamide.ξ

Most of the research concerning acetyl glucosamineŠ—Ès effect on uneven skin tone is from Procter & Gamble, as their Olay brand uses acetyl glucosamine in select products. Still, the research is compelling and the protocols are sound, so it can be applied to other formularies that utilize this ingredient.

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