Emollient, Skin-Soothing, Antistatic


Vaseline is pure petrolatum, and petrolatum is a rich emollient and FDA-approved skin protectant. It is one of the best ingredients for dry to very dry skin, including around the eyes. Although derived from crude oil (thus making petrolatum a natural ingredient), it is highly purified prior to being used in cosmetics, so thereŠ—Ès no risk of exposure to unwanted chemicals.

For some unknown and unsubstantiated reason and despite solid research to the contrary, petrolatum has attained a negative image in regard to skin. Topical application of petrolatum can help replenish, soothe and beautifully moisturize skinŠ—Ès outer layer. ItŠ—Ès widely considered safe and highly effective. Extensive clinical data has shown petrolatum to be a gentle ingredient.

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