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Emollient,  Silicone, 



A type of silicone, dimethicone is one of the most frequently used emollient ingredients in moisturizers due to its gentleness and effectiveness. Dimethicone is considered a synthetic ingredient, even though itŠ—Ès derived from natural silicon.

Texture Enhancer,  Solvent, 

Propylene Carbonate


Liquid used as a solvent and film-forming agent.

Synthetic Ester, 

Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate

Antioxidant,  Whitening, 

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid


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This innovative spot treatment is a highly concentrated 25% stabilized form of vitamin C that can visibly improve uneven skin tone, red marks, and skin texture. Also replenishes skin for a more supple and beautiful appearance.
Reinforces skin’s surface & reduces redness
Patented time-release delivery system
Silky, rich texture
Use as the last step in your evening skincare routine
SKIN TYPES: All Skin Types
CONCERNS: Wrinkles, Anti-Aging

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